How is this free? Seems too good to be true...

We partner with innovative, high quality brands to give you free access to the latest products to try at home! We promise an elevated, more sustainable way to shop online and try a product before you decide to buy.

As we are currently in beta in the US, feel free to email us at with any comments, suggestions, or feedback!

Why do I need to provide a payment method?

The payment method validates your identity since you’ll be trying products for free!

What if I damage the product? What if it is lost or stolen?

Regular wear and tear or minor and accidental damage is 100% covered by us! Loss, theft, or negligent destruction of the product is not covered under our policy and depending on the situation, you might be charged up to the product’s full retail value.

We understand accidents happen so don’t hesitate to contact us at

Can I keep the tryout product?

Most of our tryout products are available to purchase along with a discount —go to My Account to learn more about your tryout product. You may also purchase a brand new version of the tryout product and we will swap them during delivery.

I want to work with you! How do I get started?

Awesome! We’re always open to listing great new products or hearing about your ideas. Please email us at

PR requests?

Interested in featuring nok in your next story? We’d love to talk! Email us at